Who We Are

black O2 Inc. is an Albuquerque creative firm and consultation agency providing branding, design, advertising and strategic consultation services. We are aggressive in our adaptability and ruthless in our search for solutions on the behalf of our clients. First and foremost we are thinkers, planners, and executors.

What We Do

We produce brands for new companies or old. We provide strategic consultation to breath new life into marketing campaigns and business directions. We develop web content, digital or print media, and physical objects that are singular in their form and design. We aggregate relationships in order to help clients achieve their goals. Ultimately, we provide adaptive solutions through strategic creativity.

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Branding and identity development is a key element to a successful brand. We help build brands around big ideas. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking for a refresh.

Web Design & Dev

Your website is an important element in your image. It’s an environment where you control the conversation and the message to your clients and potential clients. We work with people to develop websites they can be proud of.

Graphic Design

Through the strategic use of disciplined creativity, we develop bold designs for clients in many industries. Whether you need print media, business cards, or digital graphics, we have solutions that will fit your needs.

Business Strategy

In this vastly competitive world, strategic vision is more important than ever. black O2 provides business leaders with the support and tools necessary to develop aggressive, adaptable, and proven business strategies. We can provide strategy consulting services across many areas.

App Development

We have experience developing applications in the iOS and android environments. We can also produce made-to-order applications as required.


With a proven track record of success and years of experience marketing across multiple industries, black O2 can develop and execute a solid marketing plan across the social media, print, web and event spaces